About Us

B. N. Mehra & Co. was established in Delhi in 1930 by three brothers namely Mr. Baij Nath Mehra, Mr. Amar Nath Mehra and Mr. Ram Nath Mehra. A beginning was made with the commencement of trade in paper and stationery goods. The venture was successful and an additional office was established in Bombay (now Mumbai). In a short span of time B. N. Mehra & Co. became one of the leading importers and suppliers of stationery goods in India. Thereafter, two manufacturing units were established, M/s. Mehra Leonardt Pvt. Ltd., to manufacture pen nibs under technical know-how from the United Kingdom and M/s. Hindustan Pencils Pvt. Ltd. to manufacture wooden pencils. While M/s. Mehra Leonardt Pvt. Ltd. is no longer operational, Hindustan Pencils is today the leader in pencil manufacturing in India.

  • In 1973 the Delhi operations were taken over by Mr. Ram Nath Mehra, wherein trade in stationery goods was continued. Mr. Alok Berry (grandson of Mr. Ram Nath Mehra), after obtaining a First Class Bachelor of Arts Honours Degree in Economics from The University of Delhi, was inducted into the firm in 1989, wherein the activities were diversified to trading in Printing Inks and Fluorescent Pigments.  Significant progress was made in the dyes and pigments business and pursuant to the liberalisation of the Indian economy; import of certain speciality colourants and performance enhancing additives was commenced. Subsequently, given the better prospects of the speciality colourants & additives business, the entire focus has been shifted to this segment.
  • Since 1999, with the retirement of Mr. Ram Nath Mehra, Mr. Alok Berry has taken charge of the entire operations of B. N. Mehra & Co. in Delhi.
  • Today, we are the frontrunners in India in the field of Special Effect Colorants and Performance Enhancing Additives. We enjoy the support of several internationally distinguished principals. As of date the firm enjoys considerable amount of good will in the market.

Vision & Objectives

  • To become the Leading Suppliers of Specialty Colorants & Performance Enhancing Additives in India.
  • Ensuring Total Customer Satisfaction with supply of High & Consistent Quality Products on a Timely Basis and at a Fair Price.
  • Developing Close Customer Relations achieved through providing Technical Assistance combined with Efficient Services.
  • To forge Strategic Alliances with Reputed Overseas Principals manufacturing specialized products on the basis of mutual benefits.
  • Inculcation of Modern Management Principles to Improve Efficiency, Reduce Operational Costs and ensure the growth of the organization.