About Us

B. N. Mehra & Co. was established in Delhi in 1930 by three brothers namely Mr. Baij Nath Mehra, Mr. Amar Nath Mehra and Mr. Ram Nath Mehra. A beginning was made with the commencement of trade in paper and stationery goods. The venture was successful and an additional office was established in Bombay (now Mumbai). In a short span of time B. N. Mehra & Co. became one of the leading importers and suppliers of stationery goods in India. Thereafter, two manufacturing units were established, M/s. Mehra Leonardt Pvt. Ltd., to manufacture pen nibs under technical know-how from the United Kingdom and M/s. Hindustan Pencils Pvt. Ltd. to manufacture wooden pencils. While M/s. Mehra Leonardt Pvt. Ltd. is no longer operational, Hindustan Pencils is today the leader in pencil manufacturing in India.

Markets Served

Consumer Products

Cosmetics & Personal Care

Paints & Coatings

Textiles & Apparel



Graphic Arts

Safety & Security

Advanced Colors and Additives


Vision & Objectives


To become the Leading Suppliers of Specialty Colorants & Performance Enhancing Additives in India.


Ensuring Total Customer Satisfaction with supply of High & Consistent Quality Products on a Timely Basis and at a Fair Price.


Developing Close Customer Relations achieved through providing Technical Assistance combined with Efficient Services.